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A complete guide to travel apps

With global transformation and innovation, the travel industry nowadays has become digital and mobile. Availing the benefits of digital technology overcomes numerous obstacles people suffer during their traveling. A proficiently developed travel app can help to plan the entire schedule when you plan a worldwide trip or a short trip for your holidays. 

What are the tips to consider while building a travel mobile app?

Choose a specific niche

The first thing, to begin with, is selecting your niche. It is vital to choose what your app will do, what way to take it, who your target viewers are, and what problem you are going to solve. Therefore, emphasize one niche and then add additional services if you see any need. 

Learn participants and find your sole value proposition

You can proceed with discovering the market and the key players. Knowing your contestants is a powerful weapon in your place. Investigate their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, what makes them general, and what they lack. This investigation will help you build a modest travel app, stand out from the other players, and make your value proposition. The SWOT analysis helps to figure out the internal and external factors that impact a business. You can hire this framework both for the competitors and for your project. After that, you can start to work on your strength, weakness, and value proposition. Since the travel apps market is competitive, consider adding progress to your app. With its help, you can grow guiding tours of general tourist attractions. 

Come into the discovery phase

There is a vast gap between project awareness and its implementation. Conduct a product discovery before writing code and scheming your travel app. The steps involved are

  • Analyzing the business idea
  • Eliciting necessities
  • Reviewing prevailing documentation
  • Confirming project viability
  • Defining the product difficulty
  • Working out with the app construction
  • Deciding on the top technology stack
  • Construction of a prototype
  • Cost estimate

The project-finding phase is vital to any product development since it reduces the risks associated with start-up failures and helps businesses decrease development costs. 

Choose a consistent technology partner

Choosing a development business is needed for your project’s success. Pay close consideration to the company’s skills, appropriate expertise in your field, customer reviews, and complete approach to product growth. 

Essential structures of a travel mobile app

There are many travel app categories, and we can proceed with the core features obligatory to build a mobile app for the travel industry. 

Registration process

Any app has a sign-up feature. Users want to register their accounts and have to enter personal data to start using the app. 

Search process

The search feature is the basis of any travel mobile app. Whether a user examines for airline tickets or accommodation, the search function has to be instinctive and easy to use for anyone. So, make the search button simply discoverable on the screen. Try not to overpower the user with lots of search options, but at the same time comprise the ones they are most expecting to find. 

Booking and reservation process

Travel apps have previously become like a marketplace for modern travelers. You can integrate a booking system into the app to let your users’ book hotel rooms, tours, transfers, and entertainment. Add suitable filtering and sorting options to your booking scheme, smart reminders, clear price evaluation, and instinctive navigation to maximize user experience.


GPS-based service is a feature to include in your travel app as travelers need to know their present location to find the correct direction to the next area or know what sightseeing, cafes, and museums are nearby. 

The Listings

Whether it is hotel rooms, apartments, tours, or guides, travelers need to read the explanation and get details about the item they are looking for. If the app offers room listing, then create an item description option to let owners talk about their property in detail. 


Reputation is very important for the travel business. So, the feature of customer reviews is essential for both business owners and tourists. The reviews help companies progress services and preserve their reputation. They also allow travelers to select the best hotel, or airline according to their liking.

In-app payment structure

Booking a property, tickets, or tour can be more suitable if users pay for them instantly and that is where a payment scheme is needed. Integrating a safe payment function in the app eases the booking process for the user very easily and makes them loyal to the company. Also, make sure that the payment structure is protected from online scams that the travel industry is exposed to.

The Currency converter

The currency converter is an additional feature of the payment system. When a user wants to pay for a hotel room, they can convert the sum directly into a convenient currency. Moreover, when traveling overseas, users typically need to change their cash, so they can use the app to check the currency exchange rate.

Chat option

The chat option is one of the most beneficial features of a travel app. It lets users chat with the property owners or with any hotel representatives and ask about all the details directly in the app.

Built-in Translator

Integrating a translator into your app is a countless way to help your users connect with local people during the trips. 

Weather forecast information

To help your users to plan their flawless trip, add the weather forecast information to your app to notify them about temperature, weather changes, and predictable precipitation. 


When tourists reach a new place, they need transport to get into the hotel from the airport. You can add this to your app to provide up-to-date information about public transportation, and train tickets. 


Travel apps offer great flexibility and suitability for travelers, hence they are so popular every day. If you are ready in building your travel app, start by selecting its type, measure the technical side, and grow your project with a nonstop App development approach. 

Contact us for building your travel app and proceed with functionality.

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