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How to Create an E-Learning Platform easily in 2022?

In the previous years, e-learning platforms have been on the rise, as people are finding that online courses provide practical knowledge and develop everyday skills about a subject more effectively than traditional teaching. This has resulted in a rise in the trustworthiness of online courses, as recruiters started taking online certificates seriously. Thus, it is a countless way of giving knowledge to the public by sharing your skills. Starting an eLearning website is a profitable way to make money online with low site setup costs.

Why is an E-learning Website necessary?

E-learning is carrying transformation for everyone. Also, with an e-learning website, you gain the skill to unify all segments. Here are some significant reasons to build an e-learning site:

  • Online education is a profitable industry. Once you start your brand, you can expect exponential usage. Henceforth, creating an engaging platform is the priority.
  • Students are heavily relying on the net to tutor themselves. Due to this, if they get admission to a devoted platform for their studies, it will be lucrative.
  • Companies that make an e-learning site for their employees detect better productivity. This reduces the training by 40%.

What are the Must-Have Features for an Educational E-Learning Platform

You will start with creating a list of the critical features to go live.  A selection of essential features for an eLearning website is

  • Login
  • Live video message
  • Video courses with replay capabilities
  • Operator profiles
  • Admin panel for virtual teaching space and learning content organization
  • Dashboards for rating tracking
  • Messaging
  • Course hunt with a recommendation mechanism
  • Payment system with numerous payment options
  • Support of numerous languages
  • Social distribution to spread the word about your plan on social media

Different Types of E-learning platforms

The type of platform you are going to build is which you should decide before opening an online learning platform. The main types of online learning platforms are

  • Computer-managed learning – this is a system used by colleges to help students study remotely. They deliver educational information files as well as study plans for individual students.
  • Computer-assisted teaching – this is a combination of both e-learning & traditional teaching, used in modern schools & universities. Typically, this means using interactive software, to make the learning process engaging and more effective.
  • Synchronous learning – this is where the students may participate in the learning process concurrently with the group by using online chats, calls, and other tools. Asynchronous learning means the students study self-sufficiently and are flexible in terms of scheduling.
  • Fixed and adaptive learning – With fixed e-learning, the data is the same for all participants, while adaptive learning is personalized.
  • Linear e-learning & interactive online learning – Linear method means that the students can receive information without the chance to reach out to the teacher. Interactive e-learning inspires two-way communication and delivers all the necessary tools, chats, or online meetings.

How to create an E-Learning Platform

Building an online learning platform is a long process with numerous steps. To create an online learning platform, you need to follow the steps:

Discover Your Idea

To make an online learning platform, you must develop a concept that will address a subject and help people. You can take the reference of numerous reports and analyses to discover your idea. So, to become effective in this online learning platform, you have to brand a product that is both effective & affordable. You can discuss all the difficulties in virtual learning and find a solution. By doing so, you will understand your target audience and how they respond to your concept.

Investigate Your Niche

Once you have come up with an answer to a specific problem, you have to discover your niche. By analyzing your knowledge, you will get the consideration of your niche. You can focus on popular categories such as business, entrepreneurship, health, fitness, arts & crafts, computer, and technology. Getting the idea of targeted users by their age, and educational background will give you an edge during the stage’s evolution. This will support you understand the age of your spectators and their gender so that you can grow some quality to get their care and increase your business. You can consider their key purposes and learning likings. You can authenticate your idea and easily find your niche.

Select A Business Model

Before selecting the development approach, the primary thing you must do is select a business model. This business model will choose how your learning platform will make revenue. You can take a look at some of the prevalent business models.

  • Subscription – In this model, the users buy a monthly subscription or yearly subscription that gives them limitless access to the site content or courses.
  • Affiliate Model – In this model, you can deliver integrated affiliate links along with courses that people can share to endorse the courses. As well as they can earn a commission when someone joins the platform using their links.
  • Paid Certificates – In this model, you can provide certificates to users after the courses. It is detected that the users pay for a verified certificate.
  • Corporate Business – In this model, you can work with businesses to progress customized courses and charge them.
  • Paid Courses – In this model, you can deliver paid courses. And when the students buy a course, the money goes to the teacher and the site owner.

These are the best and most used models and they will help you generate revenue and make a profitable business.

Select The Development Approach

Developing a virtual learning platform requires preparation, technology, and maintenance. There are 2 types of methods for developing these platforms. The first is Custom Software, and the second is Ready-Made.

Custom Software

Custom Software Development is the greatest option if you wish to bring specialized traits to a big number of people. Although modifying something in this method takes very long, it allows you to devise any desired functionality and scale it.

Ready-Made Progress

Implementing a specific feature or introducing custom themes may be difficult. If you like to stand out from your site, then you must select the finest technology, exclusive design, and interesting qualities. That will catch the user’s consideration and give the site a different look from others. Simplicity is crucial in User Interface and User Experience. The online Learning site should be simple to direct and operate. Also, because mobile devices have become such an essential part of our lives, the learning program should be receptive to working properly on different devices.

Targeting the Correct Audience

Many courses are generic, and most of the quality, courses are in English. The range of topics within prevalent platforms is restricted. Finding your spectators in unexplored regions, or providing focused courses for a precise niche may make you a fortune in the business.

 Professional Discussion

It is high time to find your software development partner to deliberate your expectations, and requirements. Features like virtual reality, live media streaming, and gamification can help build an online platform that offers highly personalized content and an engaging user experience. These trends bring progressive measurement of student successes and better analytics which show how your platform is doing.


This step is the biggest one as it includes frontend & backend development in agreement with the mock-ups. The backend is a server constituent of a knowledge management system that lets the user create and bring courses, achieve users, stock data, send announcements, etc. You may need numerous add-ons and APIs that connect the system with other third-party tools.  The front end involves a user interface that is shown in a browser allowing learners, and website admins to finish their tasks.


Thorough testing is serious for any project. It guarantees that a solution operates in the manner it was envisioned. Numerous rounds of testing take place. There are numerous types of testing, but you can choose a suitable one for a specific project. Once all the stages are finished, and your solution is free from bugs, it should be prepared for deployment.


That is the goal that we followed, which is the moment when your project goes to the production environment. The concerned team will use some approaches to deploy the project more efficiently.


This step is mentioned as an update. Based on customer feedback and additional internal research, you can fine-tune your system and fix unexpected issues.

Advantages Of Creating An E-Learning Platform

Now, search engines all over the web stated a gradual increase in the search terms like- Digital school, and digital education platform, all over the world. The development of the teaching system from traditional to digital learning environment impacts the student’s learning. The online learning setting has many advantages like


You may combine employment and study with Online Learning, and you are not restricted to a classroom. If the classes are online, students could attend from anywhere.

    Learn at your speed:

This is one of the astonishing factors of online learning platforms as you can learn things at your speed. You can log in to your wanted courses whenever it is suitable for you to learn. To explain anything you missed, you can go back to previous classes.


Online teaching requires a student to commit 60 percent lesser time than a traditional classroom.


Online learning is now preferred by many people all over the world and CodeKing help to create the best platform that can attract many users.

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