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Techniques To Get Your Salon to the Top of Google

Simply creating a salon website will not get you to observe. Different salon marketing ideas will help you get on top of Google and get more clients. Here are some techniques you can use to aid get your salon website to the top of Google rankings.

Obtain Your Salon Listed on the Online Directories

More than 70 percent of the persons looking for any service or any product will check online before going into the actual store.

This means that your salon should appear in its search results. For that, you can use online directories like

Google My Business

  • Google My Business –  Since most of the searches are done through Google, being listed on Google My Business is significant for marketing your salon.
  • Yelp – Millennials are bound to check “Yelp” before visiting your salon, so listed in it can help them find your salon with ease. This makes having a good Yelp profile very important.
  • Facebook – This is an extra important directory that you need your salon to be listed on so that local active Facebook users can easily find your salon.

Manage Your Online Salon Reviews

Most consumers trust reviews and online recommendations and all consumers look at reviews before deciding on which salon to try.

This means that a salon with no reviews is worse than one that has some mediocre reviews. Encourage your customers to give your salon reviews online and keep track and respond to all your reviews in one place.

Share All Your Promotions on social media

If you have a promotion going on, make sure it is shared on all the social media platforms that are available to you. Facebook and Instagram can help you get the word out that your salon is having a special sale that is worth checking out and this will drive more traffic to your website.

Make Use of Both Facebook Ads & Google Ads

Most Facebook users have made a purchase based on the ads they saw while looking at their feed. The statistics are alike for Google ads too.

Naturally, these ads target precise interests who live locally, so by using this advertising method, you will find more audiences that you want to attract with ease for your website and it will appear on the top of the search page.

Try Retargeting Ads

This is a technique of salon marketing that will aid your business a lot. If somebody comes to your website and hunts around for products or any services, but never buys anything, the next time they go to Facebook or your blog with banner ads, your salon will come on their screen to forward them back to your site.

Generate An Email Newsletter

Spend a gathering of your customer’s emails when they have an appointment, and after that, you can send Emails for few times a month to let them see what is going on around the salon as this will drive traffic to your website and it will appear on top of Google.

You can comprise promotions that will be happening, as well as everything else that you want them to be known. You can also send separate appointment reminders to add a good bit of a personal touch.

Often make sure SEO keywords have adequate search volume

Long-tail keywords are countless, but they must have enough volume to make a critical mass of website traffic. For example, if you have a keyword with 30 searches a month, you probably will not get enough traffic from it to influence your business.

The long-tail keyword volume has an increasing effect. An SEO drive targeting one keyword with 30 searches a month makes no impact but a campaign targeting 500 such keywords might cause an impact.

The keywords used must be relevant

Some salon businesses go very much off course by choosing keywords that are prevalent and that they can rank for but are not particularly related to their business. This practice annoys Google search engine users. When individuals click on a link in search results, they expect the webpage to be precisely what they had in mind.

In the salon business, it may be enticing to target an SEO keyword when the salon does not really specialize in it, or even really offer that. The best SEO method is to target all the keywords that will match what your specialty is, and that greatly reflect the ambiance and customer involvement of your business.

Use locations in your keywords for Salon

Your salon possibly attracts clients from a well-defined geographic area. Including locations like cities, counties, neighborhoods, street names, etc. in your target keywords helps to progress relevance and may give a chance to contest against those big companies that may not have targeted exact locations in their keywords.

Invest in good keyword research

Fortunately, there are many online tools to aid you to research all of the variables. You can try keyword research tools that are user-friendly and can provide you with a good start on evolving a set of target keywords.

Having a healthy collection of target keywords is a more talented approach to SEO than putting the entire budget into a few keywords.

Always make sure that your salon website is mobile-friendly, very fast, and secure

With more than half of the website traffic approaching from mobile devices, it is more imperious to make sure that your website is very mobile-friendly.

Mobile optimization contributes better to SEO and guarantees that visitors who access your site have a tailored experience.

Provide the URL of your salon site and Google will give you endorsements to improve the mobile experience. Another way to enhance your website for SEO is by making sure it is fast and secure.

With all the information at our fingertips, clients want immediate results. This means that if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, people are not likely to stay on it Some other ways to raise your site’s loading speed are to:

  • Compress all the images
  • Do not have too many plugins
  • Use a very fast theme

When your website has a lot of high-resolution images, it takes a long time for the images to download. So, you should compress all the images to optimize the loading speed.

Having a lot of plugins is a possible factor that slows down the website’s loading speed.

It is sensible to deactivate them when you are not at all using them. Also, you can make use of the fastest themes, and it will help with mobile optimization & SEO.

Your salon site should also be secure and if your site deals with digital transactions & credit cards, having an additional layer of security makes your clients feel safe and very comfortable.

Select Targeted Keywords that People will Search for Salon

Your keywords are a group of words that you want to focus on to bring visibility to your salon. In terms of SEO, they are the words that people will type into Google search engines. Short-tail keywords are the search terms under 3 words.

These keywords will cover a comprehensive range of topics. As a result, they will produce a higher search volume and are very competitive to rank. The long-tail keywords are the search terms over 3 words and they tend to be more precise.

As a result, they will produce only lesser search traffic. But they have a high conversion rate because people searching all these terms are likely to buy a product or your service. An SEO strategy is to balance the quantity of targeted short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

You should study to see what short-tail keywords are excessively competitive and emphasize those that you have a good chance to rank for.

Pick Exact Keywords Per Page

After finding which keywords to focus on, you can deliberately place them on your website. You can begin with low-volume keywords and make content that is relevant to it.

For every page of your site, emphasis on an exact keyword. This SEO policy is going to give you a boost in terms of search result rankings. Moreover, it makes you an expert in the competition because it shows how well-informed you are about diverse topics within the salon industry.

Provide Exclusive Landing Pages for Every Salon Service

You have to show Google that you are a very trustworthy and reputable business within the salon industry. To do this, you can go to additional details of each service that is offered at your salon.

The chief point is to have a devoted page for each service offered. This will raise visibility and will direct good traffic to your salon. By enhancing user-focused involvement, you are optimizing for SEO capacity too.

Enhance Title Tags for SEO

Every page of your site must have an exclusive title tag. It is similarly important to have your keywords appear. Following some steps will help you to best improve your salon SEO. You can add modifiers to the title tags such as “The top” or “The best.” Numbers and dates also work.

The aim of these having a high click-through rate is that they are exact and they will stand out from the other titles. They are also very great to rank for the long-tail keywords.

Achieve Click-through Rate through Meta Descriptions

On a search engine result’s page, the meta description is what is under the title and the URL. It is serious for on-page SEO because also the title tag and the meta description are the preceding opportunities for you to grab all the people’s attention.

So, you want to make it alluring and compelling for all the people to click on. A thing to be noted is that you want to contain the targeted keyword as it will be bolded when people will search on Google. Also, you want to highlight the advantages of your salon and explain how it can resolve the customer’s problem.

For instance, you can mention that your salon technicians are professionally well-trained and licensed. An additional idea is to include all the discounts and deals for newer clients or loyal customers. One more is to state that your service is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Make sure that the NAPs of Your Salon are Reliable

NAP is the name, address, and phone number. Google likes when all your business information is right. It helps to build trust that your salon is actually where it is situated.

On your site, make sure that you have a devoted contact page where you list your Name, Address, and Phone number and contain it at the bottom of each page on your site. Also, your Name, Address, and Phone number must be reliable and accurate on each website and page.

This comprises your salon website, your salon Facebook page, your salon Google My Business page, and all other sites. Always remember to use the precise address and phone number in a similar format when listing your connection information on the web.

This is a quick way to improve your salon’s SEO and rank high on the organic search results. Having very good updated content and a mobile-friendly site can get you to the top of Google searches. Everyone sees that Google is the current trend for answers to inquiries on virtually anything you can reason of.

This comprises hair salon recommendations and Google has the skill to drive traffic to your site. More traffic means there are more chances of booking possible clients.

With this, you have already fulfilled one significant ranking factor. Having better quality and well-optimized content on your site along with reputable backlinks is what you need to work on next.

Also, a location-focused policy can be much easy for a goal to be achieved than getting into the global search engine rankings. This is where the local-based businesses may have an enormous benefit over other businesses.

There are many tactics that you can use to get your business listed when somebody does a local search, including:
  • Use the best geographic keywords in page titles and your content strategy.
  • You have to Claim your Google Places page as this will put all your listings first when someone searches for your business name or your business type in the local area.
  • Try to get listed in the local search directories. This could be as great as your local newspaper’s business listings.

Nowadays, more than half of people are looking for a local product or service to turn to Google. Getting listed in all the results will increase your business traffic fast.

Always focus on quality content

Google has stated that its aim in providing search engine results is to give all the searchers the most useful and relevant information possible. As time goes on, Google gets very better and better at meeting this objective. Generating quality content means many diverse things to many different people, but joint characteristics you should focus on comprise:

  • Adding some value. – Make sure the content which you post is useful to your visitors. This will also help you to generate inbound links, which in turn will help to boost your rankings on Google.
  • Growing readability – Make sure you are using the correct grammar and spelling always. Learn how to make content for the web, which means shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences, and lots of white spaces on the page.

Always try to avoid advertisements above the fold 

One of Google’s new initiatives has to do with letting down the rankings of sites that will use advertisements above the fold. Unless you are generating noteworthy revenue from third-party advertising, this should not be an issue. Always keep up to speed with Google’s trends, so you know what they appreciated to be quality content.

Getting all the people to link to your site is not easy, but it is essential to place higher in the rankings. In addition to generating quality content, networking is a bigger part of this process. Avoid all the backlink scams and all the paid backlinks, too.

Google has now learned how to willingly identify these and will drop the ranks of sites they believe are intricate in this so-called “Black hat” Search Engine Optimization.


Though Search Engine Optimization can seem like a difficult idea to grasp, with time & investment in learning, you will be able to use all these SEO practices to progress your salon to the next level. It is not going to happen instantly, but by implementing all these SEO strategies, all of your SEO efforts will lead to an increase in website traffic, which in turn increases the number of customers and conversions.

Reaching the top of Google is not easy, but it is not impossible, too. Follow these techniques carefully and you will see your search engine rankings will rise significantly. You can visit CodeKing Solutions to get all the services easily. If you looking to know How to Develop User-Friendly Mobile Applications for customers? We have a blog on it you can read it by clicking on the website.

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