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How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Application development is at an all-time high, especially in 2022 and it is expected to grow tremendously, with plenty of competitiveness and fresh challenges we are yet to see ahead. Amidst all this, there is no doubt that Mobile App development is here to stay as it is the new “must-have” for any online presence we look forward to. Every business that has an online presence has a hybrid Mobile application designed to connect with their customers these days. It is obvious that anyone who spends his money on a website cannot skip having a mobile-friendly app doing the same job as a website for them, and why not, as most of the customers have turned on to using smartphones than typical browser experiences, it’s convenient and quick just as they want it. 

How long does it take to create a Mobile App

There is no doubt that there are more mobile app users than web app users across the world, and more than this percentage there are businesses, who are trying every means to get their attention too. Mobile Apps are responsible for regularly pushing changes in the marketplace, and constantly attracting customers, addressing their queries, providing customer support and responsible for running smooth business operations, everything is driven by mobile Applications. Usually conceptualizing and research takes the most time, while the creation would take not more than three to four weeks. However, the time also depends upon how complex the concept is. 

New challenge is not about the design it’s the “Turn- Around-Time”

Everyone is gearing up to make the most of the time lost during the pandemic. Obviously there are several challenges which an average businessman is facing and a majority of them want to spring back to business quickly, in order to compensate for the time lost. . With this desperation new challenges have come up, especially to do with the turnaround time.. 

This is how you can develop mobile App faster

Although the amount of work required to develop a mobile application remains the same, it does matter how you are doing it. A little bit of time management and organizational skills work wonders in finishing the project in less time besides having in-house developers will further add-on to wrap up works fast.

Choose the right Mobile app framework 

A good knowledge of the client’s brief with all clear instructions laid loud and clear is a must to begin with. Once the requirement is clear you will need to check out what type of framework to go for, as there are a host of mobile application frameworks available and based on whether the application is for mobile or web it might vary. You will have to see which cross-platform framework would help you get faster results. 

  • React Native

  • Ionic

  • Node

  • Xamarin

  • NativeScript

  • Adobe PhoneGap

  • Flutter

  • Apache Cordova

  • jQuery

  • Swiftic

Once you have picked the roadmap now is the turn for creating a wireframe for the Application. A clear instruction of the complete design and development process blueprint is important for your team to understand their role and get things rolling for you. 

Begin with single platform and focus on launching the MVP

Most of the developer’s choice is to develop application for iOS and Android development both at once as the maximum customers are spread across these platforms and it is evident that you as a developer you like to your mobile application to function seamlessly in both the platforms, but think about it this way, if you begin with one platform the workload can be brought down almost halved, while the second can be launch soon. The Minimum Value Product approach would work greatly under this scenario. This step would let the app go live and gather the first hand feedback and assess the real-time performance of the mobile application. Simultaneously you can work over the second with added features and launch it finally, which will be accepted well by the client and his customer’s both. 

Short Sprints with Agile methodology and automate testing

The collaboration of different team members is the key and it must work in great coordination with effective communication and Agile methodology ensures the same. This way changes and iterations are managed faster resulting in significant time savings. Your sprint duration we all know would entirely depend on the size of the project, but practically if you can manage to keep the sprints ranging from 2 to 6 weeks it will help keeping up with pace and solve issues that might arise simultaneously much affecting the short deadline you set for your team. Automating your testing is essential at this stage which will be a time saver again.

Using a component based UI, evaluate and estimate regularly

Focusing on developing a sustainable technical framework in less time is the key at this level and using a component based User  Interface would help in achieving this goal you have set for the project. This framework will also help in creating reusable components which can be old across the mobile application project. While all the above works are going on time, re-evaluating and re-estimating on a regular basis will keep you in check with all areas your teams are working, re-evaluating the project regularly would keep you and your team refocused on the ongoing works plus the deadline to meet. 

Effectively use Collaborative tools

Use of the best collaborative tool that works well for your team size is the backbone of the work you do. A project has several stages before it reaches the final stage and each stage is crucial and time taking, therefore, it is best to do the job at once with zero errors.

There are several good collaborative tools to effectively put to use, such as GoToMeeting, Slack, Dapulse, Proofhub, Trello, Microsoft teams, and many more. There will be times when the client may not be happy with his idea and wishes you to make some minor changes.

Last but not the least it is very important that you are able to neutralize the team’s pressure and the spirits all the time, as a lively proactive team can only perform tasks faster and yet remain energetic, all this largely depends on the team leader and good atmosphere with good perks would keep the motivation high in each member, allowing them to bring out the best on the table and stay creative whilst staying focused on the project. Less quantity of distractions is desire to satisfy the cut-off dates and additionally make certain you’ve got got all of your sources in vicinity too.

This is pertinent to stay above your competitors in the market. The more you can stay high with your quality, delivery and creativity your customers will love you more.

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