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With the development of time, technology is advancing with our lifestyle, but it also requires changing our work. The main focus of technology is to advance the lives of people across the world; therefore, website development is very important. Significantly, a progressive web app aims at the core web page and then gradually adds different kinds of presentations and characters. This depends on the user’s browser and internet connection features.

 Importance of Progressive Web Apps

Similar to other technologies, the idea of progressive web apps is to enhance the convenience to people by adding the benefits of both websites and mobile apps and subtracting the bindings of both.

For users, progressive web apps deliver many utilities which consist of easy setup and updates. These apps get downloaded instantly on display and no app store is required.

Besides, these are connectivity free and help the users to work offline and the data is connected on network restoration.

Primary Points to follow before converting website to a progressive app

  • Select a suitable Progressive Web App development company

Progressive Web App is the latest technology. Not all companies can deliver the best PWA, so you should opt for a famous company with good experience in the development of Progressive Web App development.

To understand the capability of that company, you should check companies’ projects on PWA, reviews of the company, etc.

  • The first step towards the development

Your Progressive Web App development will be developed after signing the contract and explaining the conditions of work with the web development company. Then you will invest your hard work to deliver all the required information which the developers can concern about when changing your website.

During the process, you are required to carefully evaluate and discuss with the developers. If there is a transformation in the plan, it’s best to discuss the developers initially during this stage.

Based on the PWA development approach, the change time takes from 1 month to 4-5 months.

  • Train users and launch PWA

After finishibg everything, invest time to train your users about the newly PWA.

Deliver information about the PWA, so they can get linked quickly when you change to the new site.

You can make options for how-to videos, and writing guides, and choose clients to have a trial experience with the developed PWA.

Features of Progressive Web Applications

  •  Responsive for adjusting the screen of any size.
  • It should be free of connectivity and can work offline.
  • Daily up-gradation is required.
  • Unauthorized access should be prohibited.
  • It should be found on search engines.
  • The OS’s engagement UIs should be permitted.
  • It should be clickable.

Benefits of PWA’s

  • Progressive web apps are independent, reliable, and engaging: Users can store the progressive web apps on their mobile in a similar manner as mobile applications and can use these offline too.
  • These are adaptable well to various devices consisting of computers, mobiles, etc.
  • Progressive Web Apps are safe, fast and engaging. The use of PWAs for business enhances engagement rates.
  • PWAs can adapt well to multiple devices: It consists of service workers that only work on TLS and HTTPS.
  • PWAs encourage easy setup and update automatically.

Development of your Website to Progressive Web App 

Before commencing the steps for conversion of your website to a progressive web app, it is essential to know the details of the main features we require to add.

The main aim is to assure that primary content and usage of features should be in all web browsers.

Then, as the expression of Progressive Web App explains, enhancement in all presentation and behavior is collected.

1. Changing to HTTPS

Transport layer security regulations confirm security and guide to protect against unauthorized access. For changing to HTTPS, you require to possess the SSL certificate.

As a safety measure, take a full back-up to assure data.

2. Composing Service Workers

There are three vital steps for adding service workers which consist of registration, installation, and activation. Registration is the method of locating the location of the service worker to the browser for installation.

3. Develop the JSON File – Web App Manifest

A web app manifest is a JSON file that delivers developers a centralized store to keep the metadata for the application, web application, or progressive web application (Source).

This essential metadata consists of the name of the application, links to images and icons, preferred launch URL for the app, default orientation, app configuration data, description, etc

4. Your Progressive Web App

No process is complete without evaluation. So, having switched to HTTPS, added the service workers, and created the web app manifest, you now require applying some examination to assure a correct conversion of your website to a progressive web app.

Progressive web apps are the next generation future of software development worldwide. And, the nicest part is that it is simple to change your site to a progressive web app.

Our team is sincere and experienced to deliver upgraded development products to our users.


In a world where cross-platform development is replacing the development address very fast, the web of applications upgrades is the answer we are all searching for. If you follow this guide, you will be able to transform your website into a progressive web application.

However, if you still have queries, contact us, and our team will clear your doubts. Progressive Web App (PWA) is a comparatively new achievement in web development.

Get the best Website Development Services in India. If you want to know more about programming language so get in touch with us.

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