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When we reason about making money online, we will think about monetization approaches like affiliate marketing and AdSense. While all of these methods are feasible options, another option for making money is to sell websites. Too many bloggers end up leaving their blogs and letting them fade away if they are not interested. But there is a much better solution that is win-win-win for you.

Why Choose to Sell a Blog

Selling a profitable blog might seem like an odd idea. Everyone will spend months building their first blog, but there are numerous reasons to sell it.


Do not overlook the power of runniness. A one-time payment for sale puts a big amount of money into your account all at once. While passive income is enjoyable, getting a good monthly revenue can be life-changing, which is how blogs are valued. Having that money on hand also unlocks up options for the seller.

No Longer Involved in the Blog Topic

Most niches have thoughtful competition. If you are interested in a topic, it is much easier to be excited and tackle the amount of work that needs to be done to be good. If that interest decreases, doing the work will be very difficult. Instead of burning out, sell for a good payout and move on to an interesting topic.

Want to Focus your Effort and Money on Another Business

Selling a profitable blog, with the proper website valuation, can be a countless way to raise money. This allows you to take the work, focus on the present blog, and move that to additional business.

Where to Sell a Blog

There are numerous different places to sell a lucrative blog. Finding a quality broker is very important to make the main purchase.


Flippa is the main open marketplace for buying & selling sites. Lots of investors are on Flippa daily looking for decent deals to add to their passive income collection. Listing at Flippa will get an enormous number of eyes for sale listings.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers brand’s itself as the main marketplace for buying & selling websites. This is the most popular broker for buyers at a reasonable price.

Other Brokers

There are many good site brokers out there aside from these. Some are beginner-friendly, and some specialize in 6-figure sales.

Best Ways to Sell a website

There are some basic ways to sell your site and it just depends on your exact situation.

 Sell On Your Own

The primary option is to handle the sale by yourself. This means that you will be observing buyers, responding to questions and providing data to potential buyers, exchanging the terms, and handling the sale & transfer of assets. The disadvantage of this approach is that you may not have a network to find a buyer at the correct price. Also, you may make a mistake with a contract of sale if you do not have proper guidance. The upside to marketing a site is that you will get to keep all the money for yourself. You will not have to pay a broker, listing fee, or success fee. Contingent on the details, this can be a big difference in the amount that you obtain for the site.

List On a Marketplace

Some sites exist exactly to serve to match buyers & sellers. You will pay a fee to list your site, but you will receive exposure to thousands of buyers. If you want to get a website sold, a marketplace is the best option because your listing can get lots of exposure. Markets do not bring a high selling price because most buyers are waiting for a website at a good price. This is not always the case, but markets are notorious for bargain chasers and they are better for buyers.

Hire a good Broker

The benefit of using a broker is that they will have an influence on buyers and they will handle the work for you. The broker will aid you to govern how much you should request for the site and they will assist you throughout the process. In many other cases, the broker will have the contract and forms that need to be used. Although there will be a fee involved you may be able to wind up with additional money in your pocket. If the broker can support you to find the correct buyer, a charge should be given. Having a broker will help with all of the details of the sales process, including the agreement. For sites with high earnings, the same option may be to recruit the services of an asset banker. They would play the same role as a broker, serving you to find buyers.

Some Tips for Finding Budding Buyers

If you decide to sell any website, here are some tips that can support you to find a buyer.

Email People in Your System

If you have been building a website for a few years you may be connected to many people in the industry. This could include blog and site owners, social influencers, people who sell goods to your audience, and others. Make a list of everybody that you know who works in the business, especially people that your reason is connected to others in the business. You do not need to deliver a lot of details in your mail but can say that you are selling your site, and ask to get in touch if they know of anyone who might be attentive to the site.

Do not try to find someone straight, and ask for referrals

Ask for contacts to let you know if they think someone might be interested in your site. Ask a referral if someone is attentive in buying your site.

Contact Businesses That Own Numerous Websites in the Industry

One of the likely buyers is someone, that already owns other websites in the industry. In many cases, businesses will buy a website that helps them to reach a section of the target market. If you know any businesses in your industry it would be worth to reach them.

Contact Sponsors

If you have sold any advertisements on your website, it may be a good idea to contact people who have paid you to promote the site. These people are interested in reaching the audience, to have better access to your audience. If you have dealt with advertisers, this can be a better opportunity since you will have some relationship with them.

Contact Businesses That Target Your Audience with Their Service

You could also reach companies who have not advertised on your website. Companies who are contributing these services could benefit from owning your website and gaining experience with your audience.

Finishing the Sale

Now you have found a buyer and transferred the price, here are some details for completing the sale.

Constantly Use a Contract

Whenever you are selling a site, you should use a binding contract. If you are engaged with a broker, they will likely be able to deliver you with a contract. Many markets will provide templates that you can use. You can use a template if you are selling the website on your own.

Hire a Lawyer to Review the Contract

Simply using a contract is perhaps not good if you are selling a high-priced site. Hire a lawyer to review the contract for any sale. You can hire a local lawyer, or if you want to save money.

State Your Pledge for On-Going Support in the Contract

In every website sale, the buyer will need support from the seller after the sale. This can comprise questions related to how to accomplish the technical aspects of the website.


Selling a blog is not an easy process. But if you do not have time to post on the blog or if you are no longer interested in your niche, you can sell your blog easily through many available sites. Instead of abandoning the blog, you can sell it as you can get a good income through that and you can create another based on your interests. CodeKing helps you with all the services.

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