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NodeJS VS Go which one is best?

Introducing business logic and essential jobs to life suddenly the backend is surely the most important part of our jobs. So, selecting a tool that would develop the backend efficient effective is critical. For your applications to run very fast, it’s compulsory to have a right backend. But choosing the perfect technology group that can fulfil this requirement is nothing less than an achievement. You require tools that help you develop and scale data management, application programming interfaces.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is defined as an open-source JavaScript runtime environment created to satisfy the requirements of complicated, advanced scalable network programs. Developed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, this environment guides you create apps that have the capabilty to run on several platforms, like Linux and Windows. Nodes are developed in JavaScript. So, it is  for developers to note both in client-side and server-side scripts taking help of a single language.

How it is NodeJS helpful?

Experts advise NodeJS for package management via browser, JavaScript Package Manager (JSPM) etc. It also works to create back-end web apps and development using such as task running & automation through grunt, handling modules with webpack, etc.

  • NodeJS inspect as one of the most acceptable platforms to develop scalable applications.
  • It is wanted by a large, active developers’ community which increases its demand with the times.
  • Its light weight feature guides your developers to speed up the development method and launch apps effectively.

What is Go lang?

Go is a structural and effective way of tackling concurrent programming and chosen for its best garbage collection tackling, memory safety, and versatile interfaces.

Similar to NodeJS, it’s also a multipurpose language effectively advised for web development. It is a developer-friendly is that it joins the strength and rectifies the limitations of other languages to solve major programming issues.

How Go can be defined? 

Golanguage helps to develop different applications, specifically for system programming. Developers make use it to develop high-end modular systems aiming on speed & security and different other famous distributed systems.

There are many dominant factors the performance of a programming language. Selecting a programming language with which a program can be developed efficiently is serious task. Here are the main points you should regard while selecting 

Go vs. Node

Golang is a comparatively new language but it is very simple to learn. However, developer resources are less compared to Node.js

As a businessman, you must opt that the availability of various development tools and libraries for a project is directly proportional to less development costs and time. And Nodes J  is much better in providing these tools for maximum task.


When comparing Go vs. Node.JS real-life performance both languages are able to give almost the same results. For example,Incase of database connection or network communication, Golang and Node JS work equally, and at equal speed.

Error Handling

Error handling in Go demands you to implement error checking through the program. The compile-time and run-time errors are tackled in many ways which solves problems for the developers. However, the developers of Golang have started tackling on additional error handling functions that can help less down development time.

Incase of Node JS implements the traditional throw-catch error tackling mechanism which is famous among programmers. With this natural approach, the errors are presented and rectified instantly before performing any other operation.

In comparison to Go vs Node JS performance comparison, Go exceeds NodeJS and helps developers gain better performance.

Learning Curve

Go is a new language with particular concepts, processes, interfaces, and pointers. It has fewer resources present online so; developers need to carry out detail research to get detail knowledge on it.

JavaScript, is usually used in programming languages across the globe. Therefore, it is not so hard for developers to learn Node JS even if they have basic knowledge about JavaScript. 

Speed and Security

Keeping modern development benchmarks in mind developers create a Go library. Apart from delivering the best scalability, it guides developers with a secure and speedy environment for your app development. It has some of the best debugging methods to write clean code. 

While developing with NodeJS is about using different instant frameworks that ease your overall product development method. It increases speeds of every task to ignore any type of detour and safeguards your data. 

Development Tools

Go is a newly developed language, it has not earned much fame. It comes with modern libraries and packages, but there are tools are less available compared to NodeJS. Those who are choosing to master Go need to do thorough evaluation.

Incase of NodeJS, it has various type of tools, and libraries available for developers to build all kind of applications. Moreover, JS has a huge community that deliver support for all type of development tasks.

 Open-source projects make the contribution of different developers and a Strong community to them. Both Golang and NodeJS are open-source with a detail developer community. But when comparing the two, NodeJS comes out as a strong platform that maintains a stable professional community delivering long-term support and security. The community has also developed ecosystem presenting different libraries and tutorials to help new one.  

Similarly, Go has a daily expanding community with contributors across the world. It also has few intuitive libraries and packages for new comers to commence their work as Go developers.


 Having comparing Node JS vs Golang, it is not the solution to announce one as a winner, as both consists their positive points. We have come to the conclusion that no technology is right, and selecting one over the other is not the right path. It all based on the application you wish to develop and publish. In our Golang vs NodeJS comparison, we have shared all the possible points into which technology would be the right choice for your app development project. Go is a modern well-designed rightly made programming language. From the performance sphere, Go works very well and wins over NodeJS to some point.

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