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As humans have integrated technology into every area of our lives we can benefit from the technological advancements of the current age. A new breed of eco-friendly apps makes a case for technology helping our path to sustainable living. Each app serves a diverse purpose, so you may need them on your mobile phone. You will find eco-friendly apps to tackle climate action that unpack a product’s chain so you can select to buy from ethical brands.

These eco-friendly apps are as follows

Honest Mobile

Make using your mobile as eco as possible with Honest Mobile App. Download the app for certified B Corp and know that you are making a positive difference to the planet each time you use your phone. You will get updates about how many trees you have planted by using Honest and what the ecological impact of that is.


Download and join users dedicated to reducing food waste by sharing with others in their area. And ever find yourself missing a vital ingredient when making food? The OLIO app can aid in those situations as users can post requests but that is just for food.


Download Refill and you can search for places that are happy to fill your bottle for free. You can earn points but the real reward comes from knowing you are not contributing to plastic pollution.


Lessen your carbon footprint and save money by traveling with BlaBlaCar. The app helps to link drivers looking to make their journey green by filling unfilled seats with passengers willing to pay an influence to fuel costs.

Eco friendly charger

Most people leave their mobile charging overnight and then forget to remove the charger once it is fully charged. The Eco charge app will notify users to remove the charger after the battery level reaches a certain level. It is the best and most innovative environmental app for android.


This raises awareness about the influence of a single person on climate change and other important occurrences.

The application does the following for you:

  • track your carbon footprint
  • track your climate impact
  • analyses each part of your life, from traveling to eating
  • gives you a tips
  • reduces pollution & saves you money


The Waterprint app is intended to calculate your water footprint and aid you understand how to save water. It computes how much water is consumed to grow an apple, produce a pound of meat, etc. Using this app will aid you to make smart, supportable choices and reduce your water footprint.

Good Guide

Each product that we use during the day has some kind of influence on our planet. Good Guide is an app that will aid you to learn which products are green, and safe to use. The app is based on systematic research and covers everything like:

  • personal care goods
  • household goods
  • babies and kids’ goods


Recycling is an important process that we all want to embrace. iRecycle is an app that aids you to find nearby recycling chances for anything you need to recycle like batteries, glass, paper, metal, etc. Using this application will make it easy to stay on the correct path and recycle the things you do not need.

Think Dirty

These are the green apps that will help you achieve an eco-friendly bathroom. Think dirty gives you the facts about all the ingredients in your care products. The Dirty Meter rates all the products and gives complete information on the certifications, and health influences.

Fat Llama

The fat llama application is an innovative app to aid you to integrate into the sharing economy. It is a peer-to-peer stage that allows you to rent out anything, from electronics to cookware and other equipment. As a lender, you have to post which item you wish to rent and rate per day. Interested borrowers will send you messages through the app and pay.


iHuerting is a farming assistant, great for well-organized home gardening. A person who is very new to gardening will certainly appreciate all that the app has to offer. It has structures that help make gardening easier, and more engaging. iHuerting offers proposals on what to plant, orders on how to plant crops, and regular reminders to water the plants, and more. The app can also aid you to identify and solve problems with pests by recommending organic solutions.


Whether you are shopping or traveling, your actions pay to climate change in numerous ways. You will not be able to put a comprehensive stop to all your activities that cause greenhouse emissions, but you can make for it. EcoCRED is an app that permits you to purchase carbon offsets that care about sustainability projects. You can shop offsets by trees or the number of people. The ‘shop by trees’ option guarantees that your money goes into funding tree planting projects. When you shop by ‘the number of people, money goes towards supporting science-backed creativities focused on making the planet green.

Green meter

This app helps reduce your vehicle’s influence on the environment. The application trusts the iPhone’s accelerometer to notice and measure forward acceleration. To get the most out of the app, users must enter numerous data points including the characteristic cost of fuel for their area, weather conditions, vehicle weight, and other data. Users need to consult the vehicle’s manual to get all the responses they need. The app uses this data to analyse the vehicle’s routine and calculate its ecological impact.


Want to explore a city, and find new trails or just find your way to a local park? You may give the Android app called BreadCrumbz a try. The idea behind BreadCrumbz is simple. Users can make maps of locations using a GPS receiver and camera on their Android devices. The app makes it easy for users to segment their maps with extra people. If you download the BreadCrumbz app, you will be able to browse maps and follow interesting locations. Because the maps can include photos, it is much easy to spot landmarks and avoid getting away lost.

You can use maps to find direct routes to locations that are pedestrian-friendly. You can use it while exploring a trail in the woods to aid others to take the same journey. By taking the guesswork of navigation, BreadCrumbz can aid you to save time, and fuel, while you make your path to your destination.

A Real Tree

One huge environmental issue is deforestation. We are losing miles of forests each year. The Apple iPhone app called A Real Tree helps to fight back. The developers have partnered with Sustainable Harvest International & Trees for the Future. These administrations plant trees in numerous nations and every time someone purchases A Real Tree, one of these administrations will plant a tree.


As you can see, it is the little things that make a vast difference in the world. Being eco-friendly is not as hard especially if you have got the correct resources. These apps above will support you change your daily habits and advance your behavior to make sure you are preserving the environment. Select the ones you like the most and begin using them today. CodeKing solutions help in designing such apps and you can make use of their services.

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