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What benefits To creating A Vacation Rental Mobile App Like Airbnb

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a well-known website for vacation rentals that offers travelers the ability to book a local hotel and improve both hosts’ and guests’ experiences. The company’s global online hospitality services are provided through mobile and web applications, and Airbnb has its corporate headquarters in San Francisco. The business got its start by developing a straightforward website where individuals could provide lodging to travelers visiting their location. The corporation developed a mobile application for its product after nine years of consistent long-term income.

What is Airbnb Earning Model?

The brilliant Airbnb concept sets it apart from other hospitality apps. The host, guest, and management are the three main stakeholders. The host receives payment from the guest for their holiday rental, whereas the management receives payment through commission. Regular users can take advantage of discount and loyalty offerings.

  • Airbnb receives a 3–4% commission from the host for each confirmed transaction.
  • A booking charge of 6 to 12 percent is compensateby each guest. Depending on the size, reviews, and amenities of the hotel, a booking fee will apply.
  • For listing their property on the Airbnb app or website, registered hosts pay an additional 3–5 percent.
  • On each booking that the property host receives from Airbnb, 10% of the service charge is substract.

This revenue model is also available for use. Allowing third parties to advertise on your app, similar to Airbnb, is another thing you can do to increase your earnings. Contacting a reputable mobile app development business for advice is a better choice.

How does Airbnb work?

There are several options available to customers and property owners in this thriving travel planner sector. Consider the working mechanism, which includes both the client’s and the host’s views, while developing apps similar to Airbnb.

How does Airbnb work for a host?

Here are some crucial details about the host panel since it makes it simpler for hosts to manage their jobs.

  • The host may sign up online, over the phone, or through a social network account. The Become a Host option will be in the top right corner of the screen; selecting it will bring you to the registration screen. There, you may register.
  • After registering, the host navigates to the property detail registration page. They are need to enter details like their address, neighborhood specifics, profile photo, type of unit, and the maximum number of guests they may host.
  • The host must next use an Airbnb professional photographer to take and upload real photos of the home as the next step.
  • Specifying a price is the next step. Following the completion of all fields and the creation of the profile, they can communicate with passengers directly via the app and online.
  • The request could be allow or denied depending on the host’s availability.
  • The host will be rewarded 24 hours after the traveler has checked in.
  • The host can keep track of everything from their control panel.

How does Airbnb work for travelers?

Here are some key details about the operation of the traveler’s panel and how a visitor may use it to make hotel reservations.

  • Travelers can sign up on the website or through the app using their phone number, social network id, or email address. The link for registering is in the page’s upper right corner.
  • The next step is for them to create their profile, which should include their name, profile picture, address, and ID number among other details.
  • After completing the registration process, they are grant to make accommodation arrangements.
  • Following the completion of the booking, the user will receive a confirmation message by SMS and push notifications. There are numerous payment options available, including Google Pay, PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, and more.
  • Airbnb enables hosts to earn extra money by renting out their extra estate or home. However, it also enables any visitor to book a building, apartment, or home in several different locations across the world.
  • In addition to being accessible as a travel app on popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, Airbnb is now also compatible with smartwatches.

Here is some business model that apps like Airbnb operate on-


The hosts are the owners of the properties who have registered them. For each booking, the commission is deliberate and sent to Airbnb.


Travelers who are visiting for leisure or business can rent a room, an apartment, or any other listed individual property for a fair price plus Airbnb’s charge.

Freelance Photographers

Every listed property includes a photo gallery that is shown on a website or mobile application. There is a network of independent photographers who work for Airbnb and receive payment online.

Which features must be included while creating applications like Airbnb?

The traveler and the host were the two main market participants when the Airbnb app was evolve. Here are several essential and upkeep features for Airbnb. These details must be included in the travel application.

What are Features for Travelers?


Create a new account by registering with your email address or mobile number. Users should be able to log in using social network IDs from sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, and the login process should be straightforward.

In-App Chat-

For offering exceptional customer service and engagement, is one of the most helpful elements. Customers are always welcome to get in touch with executives to ask questions and receive answers.

Push Notifications- 

It keeps users or other collaborators informed about informative issues. The guest will be informed through push notification whether a room at a particular location is still available.

Search Filter- 

The user can use the robust search function to look for places and hotel options. Customers can now search for accommodations using carefully matched listings and dates thanks to an update to Airbnb’s system. This is a feature that must be present in applications like Airbnb.

Interaction with the Host- 

The travelers and host can contact via chat and SMS even before booking a reservation. They also have the power to make new requests at any moment and to approve or reject existing ones.

Payment Alternatives- 

Visitors can choose from several payment methods, including currencies. Once the money has been made, they will be given a receipt with payment details. This function is present in the majority of Airbnb-like programs, and to compete in the market.


If a traveler loses out on an opportunity because the rental price was too high, they can add it to their Wishlist and be alerted when the appropriate rates become available.


The ability for visitors to select dates, and properties, and make bookings is a must-have feature.


By entering the coupon’s information, a discount can be achieved. By referring to others, they are given the voucher.


Visitors can look for specific answers to questions in the FAQ sections. It is present in the sense that everything should be well, but if not, they can contact support via chat. Users of Airbnb can contact executives using a function called login for tailored support. On a website, you may select from a range of categories of FAQs, including booking and traveling, hosting stays, hosting experiences, and managing corporate travel.

Reviews and Ratings- 

User reviews, ratings, and feedback are all welcome and unrestricted contributions.


Users can send their friends or other users the download link. Since they will receive the advantages, current users will also profit from this. On the other hand, there will be more people downloading the App.

What are the Features for the Host?

Signing Up as a Host- 

To list their vacant property, hosts must sign up as well. The opening procedure mirrors that of the visitor’s app exactly. Hosts are required to include their phone number or email address in this field.

Host Profile- 

Hosts can build a profile by providing details like their name, address, phone number, alternative phone number, and email address after signing up. Additionally, they have the option of changing the password. Developers must take into account both guest and host profile management while creating Airbnb apps, which must have robust profile management capabilities.


With the use of this tool, hosts can make changes to details like the pictures of the properties they’ve described, their amenities, their rates, their basic identifications, their address, their property records, and their bank accounts.


You can talk to your visitors with this tool. They can communicate a notification of a confirmed reservation. Although this capability might seem standard, it is very helpful, especially when working with on-demand app development. The user experience is enhanced by well-designed messaging options.

Rating and Feedback- 

The owner of the property rates and comments on visitors’ behavior during their stay.


The host can go to the FAQ section if they have any queries or worries concerning their rental.

How much money is essential to create apps like Airbnb?

The hourly wages of the team of CodeKing will help you to choose largely determine the cost of developing an app in the Airbnb model. This is the main justification for why the majority of western nations outsource their work to Asian countries like India to create apps that compete with Airbnb. Here is a comparison of the national average hourly rates by region.

Several other factors also have an impact on it. These components consist of:


Features For Host Panel, Guest Panel, and Admin Panel

Tech Stack 

Team Size 


An Airbnb-like app requires an average of 600 hours to create. The normal price will range from $30k to $50k.The remaining features you choose to include in your Airbnb clone app development are entirely up to you.

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