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You all must know that numerous elements of digital marketing combine for the execution of a successful marketing strategy. All of those components like SEO, content management, social media marketing, and more are essential to building an effective marketing tactic. One such crucial and most in-demand element of online marketing is development. 

Almost every business is using it and even enjoying many exciting benefits like increased brand awareness and credibility. Moreover, companies that still underestimate the power of app design are losing up on a great opportunity for brand expansion and customer satisfaction. Wondering why? Don’t worry, you will get to learn it after going through today’s blog. So, let’s proceed. 

What is meant by App Development, and Why is it Needed?

The app designing has become an exceeding business in recent times. In general words, it is a process of creating an application that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It may include a mobile-based app or an application. These projects are specifically deployed for mobile and tablets. Many of you might be thinking what is the purpose of developing an application? So, with the constantly evolving technology, the demands and expectations of the customers are also rising. This is why, now it is very important to keep your business competitive. Mobile app development services are one of the effective ways to ensure this.

 With its help, you can easily determine and meet the expectations of customers, expand your business, and attract more potential audiences. This cost-effective marketing is highly beneficial for cultivating customer loyalty and reaching a worldwide audience base that assists you in staying ahead of the competition and boosting your sales. This is why you must hire an app development agency to enjoy these benefits.

Why Should You Consider A Company for Android Application Development?

After going through the above information, most of you must now be wondering what are the reasons to hire a mobile app development agency to create your app. So, in very simple words this task may sound fun and interesting but is actually tough to do. Mobile application designing is of many types such as IOS Development, Blockchain Development, Cross Platform Development, Android development services, and more. All of them require precise technical knowledge and great experience, therefore they can’t be executed by everyone.

 Therefore, a web development agency comprises highly skilled and knowledgeable developers who have a precise understanding of how to design an app for mobiles and are capable of meeting your requirements. They are professionals with years of experience and expertise in this job hence, you can be assured of extremely well and impeccable services such as:

  • Designing an appealing structure for your app.
  • Selecting The best language for it.
  • All types of application development.
  • Ensuring the app has no problem and is safe.
  • Testing its performance and speed.

But is this task even easy for these agencies? They adopt a highly robust plan for developing Android applications for your business and execute every step very precisely and carefully.

What Steps Are Followed by an Application Designing Agency for Mobile?

Many would want to learn how to create an Android app step by step. What steps does the android app development agency follow to deliver you a highly appealing and strongly secured application? So, let’s know now how these companies ensure it.

  • Step 1 Designing Architect- The first and foremost step of this process is creating an architect for the app. It is as important as building a strong foundation for a house. This step helps to make sure that the application meets the requirements and the functions described by their clients. Its architecture mostly consists of high-level design of features and functionality of your apps. It may also use the technological information and tools that are needed to create your mobile application along with the timeline for development.
  • Step 2 Wireframing- This step generally refers to bringing your application to life. The wireframes are the visual representation of the layout and functions of your app. It helps you to detect if there is any issue in the initial design of the application and will assist you in solving them early on. This way simplifies the coding task of developers and builds a functional app within the assigned time frame.
  • Step 3 UI/UX Design- Now it’s time for them to create an engaging user experience. UI and UX design are all based on creating a visually appealing, easy-to-use, and engaging application for your target audience. This stage makes sure that your app is fulfilling the user requirements and stands out in a heavily crowded market of applications. For this, the professional developers create a map of the user journey, build a UX wireframe and prototype, and then design the graphic. Lastly, they conduct usability testing to determine the functionality of the application and ensure that users can navigate it effectively.
  • Step 4 Setting the App development for success-  After the completion and approval of the designing stage, the developers further create a guide that includes a detailed record of features, navigation logic from/to each screen, asset library of the project, style sheet with color pallet, dimensions, typography, and animations. Once this guide is completed, the project is then handed over to the development team.
  • Step 5 Handover Week- This is the initial stage for the process of supplication designing and ensuring the alignment of the projects’s requirements and scope. Handover of projects diminishes the risk of errors and improves team communication. During this week, the team for app development and engineers for quality assurance review the guide, ask questions for clarification from the managers and designer of the project determine the issues that may need to be addressed, and estimate the time for the completion of each feature according to the set priorities and scope to make sure the steady progress. So this week, a detailed schedule is created for the entire development stages of an application.

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  • Step 6 Application Development– At this stage, your application gets a life. This, includes coding, features of integration, and functionality building based on the previously created architecture, wireframes, and UI/UX design. The development team, project managers, and designers work closely at this stage in order to make sure that the app meets the specifications and requirements of their clients. The agencies for mobile application development use agile methodologies for efficient and collaborative application development.
  • Step 7 Q&A Testing- This is a crucial step in the process of app design and development. This rigorous testing is all about testing the functionality and usability, performance checking, and compatibility of the application on different platforms with different devices. The team of QA puts the application through various scenarios and tests and determines and reports to the development team if they find any bugs or issues in the app. For this, application designing companies use automated and manual testing techniques to ensure that the application meets the high-quality standard.
  • Step 8 App Launching- Launching the application is one of the final steps of the process. At this stage, your app is ready to serve the public. For its completion, you are required to submit the application to the respective app stores, like Google Play Store, and make it available for download. Another important part of app launching is its marketing, creating bulletproof application descriptions, selecting the right keywords, and promoting of app across multiple channels.
  • Step 9 Maintainenace and Support-  This is an ongoing process that ensures your application is running and performing smoothly and remaining up-to-date. It includes monitoring the performance of the app, fixing the bugs or issues that may arise, and implementing updates and enhancements according to the market trends and feedback of the user. Android application designing companies provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to make sure the app runs successfully for the long term.

This is why every business must consider approaching agencies for mobile phone application design. However, at the same time, it is crucial to make sure that you are hiring the best agency for this. Therefore, you must contact Codeking Solutions, one of the leading providers of digital marketing services.

 Being a responsible and desirous firm, we ensure to deliver extremely beneficial and impeccable services for your business. Contact us today and enjoy our exceptional mobile application development services.




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