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Booking your salon appointment can be a pain, taking up time and energy. Rarely do we have the time to visit or call a hair salon to book our appointment. Also, booking your appointment through call is not the best way to do things considering how there is an mobile app for everything. 

How to start Building a Salon Booking App?

To build a salon app, the first thing you need to do is build a good business model for your app. Once you are done choosing the salon business model, follow the given steps.

  • Select the top mobile app development business to build your platform.
  • Choose the platforms for your salon app development.
  • Choose the technology stack for the app.
  • Check out the team structure for the growth of the salon appointment app. Essentially, it should contain iOS developers, Android developers, project executives, app creators, and app testers.
  • Provide some appealing features to your users. 

Important Points to Take Care for Your Salon App

When you plan to begin an online salon business, there will be questions running in your mind like how to beat the struggle, where to aim the customers, and so on.

There are a few significant aspects that you need to take into thought for your online salon business.

Business Plan Making

When you plan to build a salon online, you need to flow a business plan with reverence to your customer type and the target area. Your business plan should cover revenue generation methods like online ads, service listing fees, and more.

With an idea, you can handle the numerous operations of your online platform simply and will get the projected cost for your salon. With a business plan, you can see the financials of both the present and future.

Best Offers and Promotion

In the early phase of your salon app launch, try to appeal t  the customers by offering some appealing referrals and offers. To promote your application to the customers, try to give

  • Festive concessions
  • Best Giveaways
  • Good Combo offers
  • Marketing Plan

Try to analyze the market trends, and shape a marketing strategy that streams with trends and gets into the mind of the clients. You can use online as well as offline marketing plans. Learn about the present market trends, and consequently build your marketing plan.

Add a good Home Service for Your App

It is the trending thing that is an on-demand beauty service. Let your clients book an appointment and get all the services at their doorsteps.

All the timings and services are being planned by the clients at their preferences. By adding such a feature to your app, you can gain the attention of many users.

What all Features Should You Include in the Mobile app?

If you are setting up a salon app, it aids to know what features you must include. Here are a few features you need to keep in mind when building a salon app.

  • An in-built Calendar

Make sure you include a built-in calendar to manage all your appointments. This way, your clients can open the app, check all the reservations that are linked to your calendar, and book their appointments consequently.

  • The Commitment Fee

Be sure to contain a commitment fee to guarantee customers show up for their appointments.

  • In-App Payment

In-app payments make it substantially easy for your customers to make all the payments, especially in the recent era. In-app payments let you manage your client’s transactions and all the payment details.

  • Best Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program lets you show your clients you care about them. Make sure you include a loyalty program to provide your clients with incentives.

You can include a variety of other perks and rewards for your loyal customers, thus increasing your chances of retaining them and also getting them to bring in more new customers.

  • The Style Library

Including an awesome style, the library can be very useful. Adding a photo gallery with lots of photos for your clients to choose from can help give a definite idea of what they want, thus cultivating communication.

  • Push Notices

Seeing the number of apps & software on the market, it can be easy for the client to forget about yours. Push notifications are, the best way to let your clients know that you are around. They let you send your customers modern updates and news.

  • GPS feature

Every app now uses GPS. You need to contain GPS to help your clients find the salon. GPS is a current technology, which if you add it to your app will help your clients as they will be able to successfully track the location of your salon.

Apart from that, it will also help to attract a couple of specific customers with their locations.

Why Do You Need a Salon Mobile App?

Users these days are more contented with online services for everything, whether it is errand services or on-demand beauty facilities. Be it a small salon or a huge franchise, having online attendance will definitely showcase the difference in client engagement and revenue.

You can reach a new set of audience with the help of an online app. Nowadays, people got more relaxed with online services, therefore by digitalizing your salon, you can attain your estimated goal easily. Therefore, if you are planning to build a salon app, then it is a great start for you. 

Advantages of a Salon Mobile App

Here is what your clients will get while using your salon app:

Very Smooth Browsing Experience

If you are giving a range of services in your salon, then you can list down all the services in your app, and give your clients a very smooth and seamless browsing experience where they can get all of your services and the packages and their details.

Appointment Notices

The clients may easily forget the appointments they have set at your salon, but with the mobile app, you can simply send them a notification for the upcoming appointment at your salon for specific services. Such features leave countless impressions on the client’s mind.

Discounts and many other offer reminders

You can set any discounts or run some special offers for your clients and let them know through push notifications and reminders so that they get to know the discount offers presently available at your salon. Customers will love such offers, which can increase your sales & appointments!

One of the faultless approaches to staying connected with your consistent clients is through push notifications too. You can motivate your clients by sending altered messages to several devices at a time. You can send a lot of updates on your services and cut down costs if any.

Time-Saving approach

The main reason behind developing the app is to save the clients’ time. Having an app and letting them book an appointment on their suitability is the main benefit for the clients.

This way they can save all their time by developing an appointment and avoid waiting in the queue for their turn.

Secured Online Payments

By mixing a secure payment gateway with the application, you can simply accept payments for the appointments which are scheduled by your clients. They can simply pay from their phones while arranging an appointment and making secure payments.

So, clients get the benefits when you offer them booking appointments at your salon through a mobile app. Developing a salon app does not benefit only your clients, but it has great business rewards as well. Such business compensations are these:

Good Brand Value

Developing an application for your salon creates brand value in your client’s sight! This way, the application promotes your salon itself. You do not need to say about your salon, your app will express your salon and leave a great business influence on your customers!

Growth of your business

When you let the customers choose, their convenient time correct from their smartphone, they are sure to like it and spread positive words among their friends as well! This way more clients will reach your salon and rise your business manifold!

Reach a large audience base

Developing an app for your salon is a greater business move, and by taking this good step you can reach a large audience base, as the words can get spread through the word of mouth and reach a large audience base.

It helps to keep track of appointments

For shop owners, meeting missed appointments and free time can cause a heap of issues. The salon owner must confirm that you make money while remaining anonymous.

Losing an appointment is a loss that we cannot afford. Employees who are lazy at any point during their working hours have become an important issue.

You can reduce all the missed appointments by sending push notifications or an SMS a few hours ahead of time to approve your appointment.

How to Develop a salon Mobile App?

 Safe Payments

One of the advantages of using salon apps is that you can add a secure payment gateway that clients can use to check out fast. You can assist them in making payments using the approaches that they have available.

Make it a simple and quick process rather than a complex one. Customers who use the booking app are reminded of any unsettled payments to the salon.

Manage all the Missed Appointments

When a client lists a call appointment, it is easy for them to forget significant details. They might call your salon to check the appointment time. Customers will accept their dashboard if you develop a salon app with an online scheduling feature.

They will be able to retain track of all previous bookings and future appointments in a convenient location. Transactions are likely to be sold and performed in batches. It routinely calculates the bank’s changes as sure transactions occur.

With electronic receipts, the salon app has been shown to subsidize environmental protection to some degree. Another benefit of using salon apps is that you can save money too. Salon apps make it easy for customers to get services and allow salon owners to influence a large market.

More than a sell-off point, it has developed as a necessity in today’s world. Salon App is crucial for salons, and so, salons must invest in it. One must hire devoted developers to make your app very successful.

Creating an app for a salon is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue in the digital age, and it will take your occupation to the next level.

Personal accounts

The personal accounts of all the users in a salon app are crucial for numerous reasons. First of all, they do not have to fill in all the personal details each time they want to avail of any of the facilities.

Then, they can achieve their appointments easily from there by choosing the specialist they want, when and for what service.

A Whole List of Services You Offer

Presently, current salons are not just restricted to coloring or only cutting the hair. Their facilities have turned out to be a lot more widespread, like laser hair removal, scalp treatment, head massage, and so on.

Showing a photo segment of each one of these services is the most ideal approach to promote your salon. And the salon app you develop must have the same as you need to put a segment in the navigation menu and keep the pictures of your services there.

You can also give your customers the option to save their loved services in the app on their wish lists.

Price List of Services You Bid

You must be very transparent with your customers and one of the finest approaches to do it is by declaring your prices in the app. This is because each customer compares the services and costs with competitors. Therefore, you can make things appealing by:

  • Adding diverse categories with price
  • Giving differences and combo packages
  • Good Discounts
  • Appointment Booking Feature

Every salon must add this feature to its app. Through this imperious feature, your customers will be able to book their appointments in a hassle-free manner. The booking button should take clients to the booking form, which would ask them for the subsequent details:

  • Services to avail
  • Time & date
  • Whether it is their initial time with the salon
  • And any message along with booking

This will be followed by the checkout process, where customers need to give their full credit details and finalize the order. Another function that you can add to your salon app is in-app payments.

Allow customers to pay through a payment portal, like PayPal. You can also give customers an option to pay through their credit cards or debit cards.

All you want to do is handle all the accounts and complete transactions from the admin panel of your app. 

Select any Beautician of Choice

Customers are mostly selective when they avail of hair treatment. They do not want to go to any accidental beautician. So, allow your customer to select the attendant while booking hair services through your mobile appointment booking.

The salons always have regular customers who keep on approaching to take the services. So, you can show some loyalty by offering some discounts and other special offers to them. This will bring the customers again and they would not look at other applications.

The offers may include discount coupons that can be scanned over the QR codes, tailored services to suit the hair types, and a couple of free services, like free hairstyles, etc.

Haircut of that Week

Through this process, you can show numerous trendy hairdos done by you in your very own app. Upload a superstar picture and you can state the details, the type of style, and the hairstyle.

Offer some hair styling tips as per diverse face cuts. Go the extra mile, motivate all your customers, and urge them to come in & try something new often. Add a hashtag with a photo to your social media feed to attract more new customers.

Updo of that Week

Wedding season is the time when updos are chiefly searched out. Young ladies are repeatedly searching for groovy haircuts and novel updos, cash these events by situating a week-by-week updo with some styling tips and some advice about the hair look and keep the users fully engaged with your mobile app and with all your services.

The Final thoughts

CodeKing Solutions helps you grow the next-generation app while offering profitable features and cost-effective solutions too. Our members with years of experience help you to develop an app that can beat the market race while helping you stay ahead in the competition.

Just like any other business, salon businesses can gain enormously by coming up with a mobile app for making reservations. Businesses can modify the app based on what services are listed and how they design to serve the customers.

Such an app can help the business to easily reach customers in a better manner and make the whole booking process easy. CodeKing Solutions helps in building such an app very easily and you can easily enjoy all the features.

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